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Cavoodle / Theodore Breeder and Stud Service

Harley and Co - we are ethical, DNA testing breeders of Cavoodles and Foundational Breeders of The Theodore (The pedigree version of the Cavoodle), who also stud out our beautiful boys Harley and Han Solo. BIN0000373216584

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Ethical Breeders of Cavoodles / Theodores and DNA Tested Stud Services

The Dogs Journal and Dog Breeds Expert - Top Cavoodle Breeders in Australia

Harley and Co - we are ethical, DNA testing breeders of Cavoodles/ Theodores, who also stud out our beautiful boys Han Solo, Storm Trooper (Bentley) and Paddington (2025). Our dogs live in our family home, ​and are part of the fabric of our everyday life. There is always someone at home to focus 100% of our energy into looking after them and working with our newborn pups to ensure we can offer our puppies the best possible start in life. Using our bespoke curriculum - From Whelp to Woof! Puppy Prodigy Program, as a framework to enrich the critical early periods of development that each puppy goes through, we aspire to increase your odds of raising a happy, socially successful, and trainable dog. They are whelped and raised in the living area of our house, and using a scaffolded curriculum, exposed to all the sights, sounds and smells you would find in any normal household. Mums and pups are always together, and we have a fantastic outside area we let the pups loose in to play and train, (always supervised), when they are old enough to start exploring.

Check out our new book, "From Whelp to Woof! A Comprehensive Guide to Whelping and Raising Puppies, now available as a digital download on Amazon  FROM WHELP TO WOOF! 

Jump on over to our blog to see us working with the pups. BIN0000373216584

Breeding Cockerspaniels, Spoodles, Cavoodles and Theodores.

for over 30 years

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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