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Love Me Harley - Theodores

What is a Theodore?

The Theodore is a Breed In Development with the Master Dog Breeders Association and has previously been known as the Cavoodle. Our humble cross breeding of the Cavalier King Charles and the Poodle is becoming a breed in it's own right. Please read below for the breed standard that we are helping to develop with the MDBA. All of our breeding dogs have been infused into the foundation registry and all of our pups will come with MDBA registration papers! You can view their photos below.

Preliminary Breed Standard

Breed characteristics

Origin: Australia
Size: Small
Lifespan: 10-15 years Energy level: Low/Medium Breed group: Toy

Purpose of the Breed

Theodores are specifically bred to be companion dogs. This makes them a perfect fit for families with children, as well as people who live alone and are seeking companionship. 

The Purpose of the Theodore Breed Standard.

This breed standard is intended to be the description in words of the temperament of the breed and how it should look and act. It is intended to be the blueprint used by MDBA Theodore breeders in their

attempts to breed typical specimens of the breed and reach the necessary criteria to enable it to become a recognised breed.

The breeding objective is to produce a group of healthy dogs which are predictable in appearance and

temperament, which make it suitable for its intended purpose. It enables people to make more educated and responsible decisions about whether this breed will suit their purpose and lifestyle.

This consistency ensures the owner can factor in the amount of time required to grooming and exercise

the dog, how much space in the home the dog needs, and how well their dog will fit in with children. How tall it a dog will grow, what sort of coat it will develop, and what kind of temperament it will have are predictable which allows potential owners to be informed about whether this breed will suit their


General Impression

A well-balanced dog, free of exaggeration, with a luxurious low / non-shedding, odourless coat. A small, friendly, and affectionate dog that is eager to please, making it an easy breed to train. This is the baby face of the canine world as they have a puppy look about them even as they age. They have long wavy coats making them an extremely pretty dog to look at. They are generally, recognized by furnishings with the “groomed look” a fresh rounded appearance rather than droopy. They have a sociable, joyful, and friendly nature which is charming, outgoing, and friendly. They make excellent family dogs and companions due to their size and amiable temperament.


Temperament is affectionate, active, and intelligent. Theodores have a very gentle nature and can make wonderful companions for children. They can adapt to living in a small home or apartment as long as they receive adequate daily exercise. Theodore's can be good guard dogs as they may bark when visitors arrive, however they are not in any way aggressive. They can be quite vocal and prone to separation anxiety so early socialisation and training is necessary.

Their gentle and kind nature makes them behave as if they are extremely compassionate and empathetic. They can often be used as therapy dogs or emotional support dogs for this reason.

They are a well-loved small dog breed because of their outgoing temperaments, gentle nature, and their strong desire to accompany the family from room to room and during outings.

Copyright MDBA Pty Ltd 10.1.2021

Cavoodle, Cavapoo, Theodore, Harley Davidson

Love Me Harley - Harley Davidson F1

small cavoodle stud, cavapoo, theodore

Taffy Bear -

Paddington F3

Cavoodle, cavapoo, Theodore

Love Me Harley - Lucy F1

Red and white parti coloured cavoodle

Love Me Harley - Bella F2

Cavoodle stud dog

Love Me Harley - Storm Trooper F2

Cavoodle with puppies, cavapoo with puppies

Love Me Harley - Rosie (retired)

Chocloate si Cavoodle, cavapoo, Theodore

Love Me Harley - Moneypenny F3

Cavoodle, Cavapoo, Theodore

Love Me Harley- Sadie F1

Cavoodle, Cavapoo, Theodore, Cavoodle Stud, Han Solo

Love Me Harley - Han Solo F2

Cavoodle, cavapoo, Theodore

Love Me Harley - Ginny F2

Chocolate and white Cavoodle

Love Me Harley - Sundae F2

Cavoodle, Cavapoo, Theodore

Love Me Harley

Serenity F1

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