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Our Puppies 

Our puppies will be free of any hereditary diseases associated with the breed because of our extensive DNA testing. Our Cavoodle puppies are also recognised by The MDBA (Master Dog Breeder's Association) as Theodores and come with a pedigree lineage as being part of this Foundational Breed.

We strongly believe that using our specially designed curriculum and training in the first 8 weeks of a pups life, will shape your pup to be more emotionally resilient, better tolerant to disease, have a better adrenal system, a stronger heart rate and stronger heart beat. We achieve this using early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction and critical socialisation exercises - Read more in our book, “From Whelp to Woof!” Our puppies have extensive play periods and time with an individual trainer, where we develop their social skills with people and other dogs (our other cavoodles), developing their communication skills and emotional stability through enriching skill based play and challenges. 

The Dogs Journal and Dog Breeds Expert - Top Cavoodle Breeders in Australia


Read more in our book, “From Whelp to Woof!”

Days 3-16 - Puppies are checked by our vet. They are held and weighed daily, and we talk to them. We always want our puppies to double their birth weight by 10 days of age. Nails are cut every 2-3 days. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is performed each day during this time period. These exercises stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup’s immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. 

Days 14-16 - Eyes open and we begin to get a glimpse of their little personalities emerging. Lighting is kept low as their eyes adjust to their new world. Puppies are de-wormed for the first time using Drontal. Daily cuddle session continue. 

Days 17 - 21 - Mum starts spending more time away from the puppies and is always happy to be back on the couch and in bed with us again, (the puppy pen is right outside our door, so she can keep a close eye and ear on them). As puppies start to move around, we add one new item to their pen each day such as toys and items of different textures (things that make noise). Towards the end of this period, they will be allowed to move out of their whelping box and into a larger play area. Puppies are carried around in the house and introduced to different sights and sounds and daily exercises are extended to include additional handling exercises.

Days 22 - 28 - Music is introduced to the puppies (classical and other), along with various other "life" (we have a playlist!) sounds (vacuum, tv, blow dryer, etc.) Puppies are now introduced to the puppy pads and grass toileting patch. Small obstacles are added to the play area, mushy food is introduced and they start eating from a lick mat and bowl. Puppy cuddles continue throughout the day. Nails are trimmed weekly. New items/experiences are introduced daily. 

Days 29 - 35 - Puppies now have full access to the puppy play area with different toys and interactive objects. They learn to respond to a clicker or verbal cue, and are rewarded with poached chicken breast treats.They learn to think and manoeuver over and through small obstacles. They are introduced to the outdoors with different outside play equipment including water mat, tunnels, balance boards and ball pits.

Days 36 - 49 - Puppies are introduced to all new items that allow them to think, learn and be stimulated. Crate training begins and they respond to being called. At the end of this period, we invite all new owners to come and play and bond with the pups and work with them on the play equipment - a kind of puppy party! They go to the vet for their 2nd check-up and are microchipped and receive their first vaccination. Puppies are taught object exchange,  and get to go on car rides during this period! 

Days 50 - Going Home - Puppies continue to work on toileting and crate training. Puppy evaluations take place highlighting what family environment they would be best suited for, and individual training continues. Harness and leash walking are introduced. 


This is just a little insight into our daily puppy program. This is our big point of difference from other breeders, where pups may only have general interaction with their families, or in some cases, no interaction at all! Our goal is to provide you with a well-rounded, happy puppy that will bring you many years of enjoyment. 

We love our pups dearly and will only allow them to go to the very best families. We manage our waiting list via the application buttons below or with RightPaw and like to take our time to match them with suitable families lifestyles with the help of our puppy evaluation process. Our pups are .

If you have any more questions about our puppy curriculum and program, please feel free to contact us, we take great pride in what we do :)

Planned Litters

chocolate and white cavoodle cavapoo
red and white cavoodle cavapoo
red and white cavoodle cavapoo
Red and white cavoodle
Red and white cavoodle cavapoo
Chocolate and white si cavoodle cavapoo

Puppy Applications


Click on Apply Now, and tell us about your home and your family and answer the questions on the form, or alternatively make an application via our RightPaw Page.

We will contact you within a couple of days to answer any questions you may have so we can get to know each other better.


If you are interested in a particular litter, you can reserve a spot with a $500 reservation fee.

Alternatively you can just stay on our general waitlist until a time when you are ready to bring a pup home.


In these final weeks we will guide you on how best to prepare your home, what you will need to purchase and what will come with your puppy on pick-up day. We will also keep you updated with the puppies intensive training with our dog trainer, with tips and tricks for you to continue your training journey with them.


If you are ready for a puppy now, check out our blog or socials for the latest photos and videos and ask if any of the pups are available.

If you’re looking at bringing home a puppy in the near future, have a look at our planned litters and let us know which litter you might be interested in.


Once the puppies are on the ground and thriving, we will be in contact to discuss which puppy would be most suitable for our families on our reservation list, and send out an expression of interest email to shortlist families for any unreserved pups on our general waitlist. After a deposit is taken, we then add you to our family page, so that you can be part of your puppies daily growth, milestones, temperament testing and training. We also offer video call meetings up to 4 weeks of age, and then a meet and cuddle at our home from 5 weeks.

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