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Toilet training!

We start toilet training from 2-3 weeks old. Puppies naturally want to toilet away from their bedding, so we tap into that instinct. We start with the grass mat very close to their bedding then gradually move it further and further away. We hope that this training makes it easier for families to continue their training when they go into their new homes, by having a dedicated toilet grass mat that they can use in a specified part of the home, and / or by using it as a tool to gradually get them toileting outside. Puppies typically take up to 6 months to be fully toilet trained and be able to hold on throughout the night…sometimes more or less! Enjoy part 1 - Honey’s pups at 4 weeks, and part 2 - Honeys pups at 5 weeks and Leia’s pups at 3 weeks 😊

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