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Welcome to the world little one!

It was an eventful weekend! Friday Leia went for her x-ray, and 4 of the 6 pups that could be seen at ultrasound had been reabsorbed 😢 This sometimes happens, and we were the third x-ray that morning that had experienced the same thing. The reproductive vets said that there was anecdotal evidence that it was due to the humidity, but I guess we will never know for sure. Leia went into labour Sunday midnight but the labour wasn't progressing to stage 2, so she went in for a caesarean. On delivery, one pup wasn't doing well and we are left with one special boy ❤️

Raising a single puppy in a litter is difficult, and there are many hurdles. Things we will have to think about; litter mates are puppies first teachers, they learn how hard they can bite each other - if a puppy bites too hard the other pup will yelp, stop playing and move away, so single pups can often lack bite inhibition. They also don't have the same experiences with social interaction - ie the ability to diffuse social tension, inability to handle frustration, lack of social cues and skills, lack of impulse control and touch sensitivity...You can begin to see the amount of work that we will need to do with him! We are grateful that Bella's litter is due at the end of next week, so he will have some half brothers and sisters to help him as they all get a bit older. I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog of our journey with this little fellow, as we navigate this new territory, and hopefully it will be helpful for other breeders who may experience the same. If you're interested in following this little fellows journey (name pending!) make sure you subscribe to the app for updates ❤️

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1 Comment

Karen Woodham
Feb 14, 2023

He is gorgeous. I look forward to updates of this special boys journey 🥰

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