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A bit about The Theodore

The Theodore is a breed in development and a work in progress. It will take time to achieve the consistency and criteria to be considered a purebred, but we are excited for the journey! They are specifically bred to be companion dogs and the breeding standard objective is to produce healthy dna tested dogs which are predictable in appearance and temperament. Selection requirements include luxurious low/non shedding, odourless coat. A small, friendly, and affectionate dog that is eager to please, making it easy to train. A baby face, that will continue to have a puppy look even as it ages. A sociable, joyful, and friendly nature which is charming, outgoing, and friendly. They make excellent family dogs and companions due to their size and amiable temperament. Honey’s puppies are second generation Theodores (Cavoodles) and will have MDBA pedigree papers.

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