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ENS and ESI exercises with Bailey’s puppies 🥰

Early neurological stimulation (ENS) with puppies is often practiced to provide positive developmental experiences during the critical early stages of their life. ENS involves gentle exercises and activities designed to stimulate various sensory and motor systems in the puppies. This can have potential benefits for their physical and mental well-being, including improved stress resistance, better adaptability, and enhanced learning abilities. It aims to create well-rounded and resilient adult dogs by exposing them to a variety of stimuli during their early developmental period. You can see the exercises we do here include holding the puppy in the upright, upside down and supine positions for a few seconds, running the cotton bud between their toes, putting their feet on a cold wet face cloth, holding them close to our heart to feel our heart beat, letting them smell our breath and singing into their necks so that they can feel the vibrations of our voices.

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