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Full length video of today’s ENS & ESI - CALVIN

I had to run out and do a dna swab (as part of my volunteer work for Orivet) so Craig ran through the ENS and ESI activities by himself - hence a little dodgy camera action 😂 You will see him weighing each pup, running a cotton tip in between their toes, recording their reaction to today's scent (leather), holding them upside down for 5 seconds , holding them upright for 5 seconds and holding them in the supine position for 5 seconds, then holding them lightly on a refrigerated wash cloth for 5 seconds (boosting their adrenal system and heart strength). At the end he holds them so that they can hear his heart and smell his breath. All the pups reactions are then recorded into the software and all data from these activities help when assessing their temperament a little further down the line. We only have a couple more days of these exercises

before we transfer to a different (age appropriate) set of exercises

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