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Pass The Puppy Protocol!

One of the exercises we do with the pups is called Pass The Puppy. Having access to some very willing students (being a teacher), the puppies came along to one of our band rehearsals this morning! One thing I wanted to check was their reactions to this sight and sound. It is important that if the puppy is going to be an emotional support puppy, for example a child with autism, that they have a low reaction to big noises and new sights. We also sat in a big circle at the end of rehearsal and literally passed around the puppies for cuddles. The pups were so confident, and loved meeting so many new people. I can't share the video for privacy reasons of course, but I can share the puppies reactions to the music (please don't judge the music..we were sight reading with a third of the ensemble as the seniors are out completing exams!) you can see how the pups all react so differently, this is why temperament testing is so important for support animals. The puppies will do their proper temperament testing tomorrow afternoon with our trainers. Exciting!

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