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Rosie’s puppy packs!

Rosie’s puppy packs! Here’s a list of what comes with Rosie’s pups to help them settle into their new homes ❤️ from left to right: advance puppy kibble and a can of wet puppy food, snuffle mat, warm bear with a heat pack that can be warmed in the microwave, toy basket, rope bunny toy to chew, Blackhawk sample pack of kibble and drooly dog and kibble cup, petway shampoo, conditioner and cologn, ziwi peak sample pack of air dried food, food bowl, car seat belt, toothbrush and finger brush, grooming brush for poodle hair, calming bed, Harley & Co plush puppy, blanket with mum’s scent on it, and a choice of viscount insurance offers plus your 6 weeks free PetCover insurance!

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