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We have a name! Alvey!

Here is a little update on Alvey. Alvey means elf battle, we felt he needed a warriors name 🥰 He is doing well and Leia is doing well too! We are making him work for his food, by putting in things (replacement littermates) to climb over and bump up against. Being the only pup he doesn't have to battle littermates for food and we don't want him to get too heavy which could impede his walking later in. He is very mobile! We find him all over the whelping box 😂 Our initial concern for Leia getting mastitis has been unwarranted so far, with her too nipples drying up and Alvey preferring the bottom 4...we will try and narrow it down to 2! She will get her stitches out from her c section on Tuesday. Unlike humans, dog c sections do not cut across muscles, so there is very little pain or after affects. You can see Leia is a relaxed doting mum 🥰 Little Alvey started his early neurological stimulation exercise this week and is so far very calm and takes them all in his stride. He is a very loved little boy!

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